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12 de abril de 2016

“Preventing extremism through fostering Active citizenship of young people”

“Preventing extremism through fostering Active citizenship of young people  is a Training Course delivered through Non Formal Education methods hat will empower a number of selected youth/social workers, youth leaders, trainers and coaches with instruments to support growth of active citizenship among the youth in their local communities. This TC will be held in  Amman, Jordan. Duration: 6 full working days activities, April 22-29th, 2016.

The overall aim of the project is to enable youth/social workers, youth leaders, trainers and coaches to spread the values, knowledge and skills of active citizenship, Human Rights recognition and promotion as well as democratic principles among youngsters in local realities as a tool to fight extremism and radicalization in youth categories. The empowerment process described above will be achieved through providing participants with Non Formal Education tools, skills and principles to be used in engaging youngsters in their areas of activity.
According to the findings of a comparative study, a conspicuous rise in the presence of extremist groups has plagued the region over the last two years, in particular after the upheavals of the  "Arab Spring", compounded by a parallel increase in extremism acts, sectarian hatred and violence. This wave of radicalization has grown to be a global threat, not limited to the Middle Eastern and North African regions, but reaching out to Europe and the rest of the World. In this scenario, it is particularly worthy of consideration the fact that younger generations, often deprived of basic instruments of social, economic and democratic integration, stand out as the most sensible groups to radical and extremist messages  and even recruitment in violent extremist groups.
Projects  such as this one are then "a necessity" at this stage. Project TC will take place in Amman (Jordan). Jordan seemed to all the partners the best place to implement the project since it represents a perfect melting pot place for EU and Arabic cultures as well as for its being at the crossroads of key developments (Syrian Civil War and related Refugee Crisis, Palestinian issue) which will influence the shape of the Middle Eastern region for the years to come.
The proposed educational method will be Non Formal Education, which in this specific TC will involve a combination of the following tools: role games , work groups , info sessions in areas such as active citizenship, non-violence education to combat extremism, Coexistence and tolerance.
The TC will as well focus on allowing participants to investigate the meaning of citizenship and find the most appropriate practices for civil society participation, through understanding and developing a better awareness about:
• Freedom of expression, respect for pluralism;
• Openness to different cultures;
• Respect for the rule of law and constitutional rights;
• Confirmation of the principle that human rights belong to all individuals regardless of race, religion, nationality, race etc.;
• Rejection of extremism and violence as a means of expression, and a preference for dialogue based on respect for diverse views and differences;
• Promoting a culture of moderation, understanding, mutual respect and tolerance;
The overall design of the project and the educational activities it offers is devised  to effect change in society, noting that it provides a vital opportunity for individuals, particularly  those marginalized from society, to raise their voices as active members of their community and leaders of positive change.
The overall aim of the TC is to enable participants to employ and pass on methods to support the growth of active citizenship in their local communities.
Specific Objectives are:
• Sharing best practices among NGOs from different Mediterranean countries on support for active participation in the field of citizenship and youth;
• Supporting youth/social workers, youth leaders, trainers and coaches working with youth who are at risk of radicalization or recruitment by extremist groups;
• Increasing awareness among European and  Mediterranean youth operators about the issues of cultural/religious minorities to improve their comprehensive effectiveness in working with minorities in their countries of origin;
• Enhancing values of citizenship, Human Rights, coexistence and tolerance among youth operators and youths in general as well as awareness about they can be used in contrasting the extremism phenomena;
• Raising Non Formal Education knowledge, toolsets and skills of participating youth operators as well as partner NGOs.
• Spreading awareness about the Euro-Med programme  and networking among organizations from European countries and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

La organización de acogida cubre hasta el 70% del viaje, gastos de seguro, alojamiento y manutención. 
Si estás interesada o interesado en participar, envía un mail a y nos pondremos en contacto contigo. 

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